Load-Handling Devices

From Telescopic Fork to Shuttle

DAMBACH Lagersysteme has been developing and producing its own load handling equipment for stacker cranes and conveyor technology for 50 years. Possible storage goods include containers, crates, cartons, trays, lattice boxes and pallets. Depending on the load carrier, various load-handling devices are used, such as telescopic forks, telescopic tables, belt conveyors, box grabbers, roller conveyors, chain conveyors and shuttle vehicles. For problematic cargo, additional lifting, pushing or tilting devices are used. The need for functional reliability and durability has always been the company's top priority. Load handling devices form the heart of its storage and retrieval machines in particular, and help to ensure the safe and precise handling of loading aids. In conveyor systems, load-handling devices are used in particular with distribution trolleys. They can also be used in combination with other conveyor technology elements (e.g. vertical conveyors or transfer units). High reliability and short transfer times are the key characteristics of all DAMBACH load-handling devices.


DAMBACH load-handling devices

Whether classic telescopic solutions, dynamic pull-push grippers, tried-and-tested tray supports or complex load handling attachments for sorting crates and containers – DAMBACH offers a varied selection of its own proven load handling attachments.

  • Telescopic fork: single deep, double deep and triple deep


  • Combi telescope: eccentric lifting device, chain conveyor, tilting device and fork adjustor

  • Swivel traverse fork

  • Telescopic table with and without belt conveyor

  • Box grabber

  • Vacuum gripper

DAMBACH Load Handling Know-How

The optimal Solution for every Task

Single depth, double depth and triple depth telescopic forks are available for pallet storage. For pallets with large dimensional tolerances, DAMBACH offers ultra-thin telescopic forks with high bending and torsional stiffness. They enable safe operation even with narrow pallet recesses. Steel-aluminum connections are used to reduce the dead weight. This not only helps to improve the energy balance, but also to significantly reduce transfer times, especially for storage and retrieval machines in high-bay warehouses.

DAMBACH is a pioneer in the multiple depth storage of pallets using cable- and conductor line-less shuttle vehicles. For 24/7 operation including in deep-freeze areas, the power supply is provided by power caps instead of batteries. The DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE can be used for 40m-deep storage in the harshest environmental conditions. Thanks to standardized mechanical and control interfaces, the shuttle can also be used universally. It serves as an extended arm for stacker cranes and conveyor technology or is used within the MULTIFLEX pallet shuttle system.

DAMBACH also offers a large number of combi-telescopes. Depending on the transport and storage unit, telescopic forks can be combined with eccentric lifting devices, chain conveyors, tilting devices, stock centering devices and fork adjustors.

Swivel traverse forks have already proven themselves in use with forklifts. In cooperation with automatic storage and retrieval machines, they enable the picking up and unloading of closed pallets. With the optional tilting device, pallets can even be transferred at floor level.

For large loads such as vehicle bodies and paper rolls, several telescopic forks are coupled together. In combination with the DAMBACH control system, fork adjustment and separate control of individual forks is also possible. DAMBACH offers a tailor-made solution for every load, no matter how complex. For example, ultra-rigid telescopic forks with an extension path of up to 4m and a tilting device can be used. To ensure functional safety, special load handling attachments are not only designed in close cooperation with the customer, but also comprehensively tested.

DAMBACH uses vacuum gripper systems for panel storage. Different geometries can be gripped reliably using suction pads with different vacuum circuits. The DAMBACH control system automatically switches off unused suction cells, thus guaranteeing maximum system pressure. This ensures high holding power even with porous wood panels. Order-picking processes can be integrated on the storage and retrieval machine.

Depending on the storage concept (e.g. multiple deep storage), pull-push grippers, clamping grippers and telescopic tables with belt conveyors are used for the transport of small-parts containers such as cartons or crates. The DAMBACH pull-push gripper (box grabber) can be used for variable carton sizes. The robust and at the same time weight-reduced design ensures maximum dynamics when handling loads. This makes it easy to store boxes up to four deep. The combination of a belt conveyor and telescope has also proven itself several times with our MINI-LOAD storage and retrieval machines in automatic small-parts warehouses.

DAMBACH Lagersysteme sets the highest standards in development, production and quality control, with everything MADE IN GERMANY. All the load handling attachments are suitable for deep-freeze storage and conveyor systems. The flexible modular system allows for the use of a wide variety of drive-motor manufacturers. All the load handling devices are systematically matched to the "vertical conveyors and distribution trolleys" conveyor technology elements, the "MONO, MULTI and MINI-LOAD" storage and retrieval machines, the MULTIFLEX pallet shuttle system and the MONOFLEX rail-guided in-floor conveyor system. This is because only perfectly coordinated and reliable interfaces guarantee reliable and safe load transport.


The main task of load handling attachments is to provide fast and safe access to a wide variety of load carriers and goods. Pallets, lattice boxes and special goods (rolls, sheets, etc.) in a high-bay warehouse; cartons, crates, containers or trays in an automatic small-parts warehouse; the storage concept and the storage depth such as single-deep, double-deep or multiple-deep; environmental properties such as in deep-freeze or food warehouses – all these requirements, which derive from the nature of the stored goods such as weight, size and geometry, result in a multitude of properties.

  • Dynamic storage and retrieval

  • Flexibly adaptable to requirements

  • High rigidity for low dimensional tolerance

  • High availability and functional reliability

  • Low dead weight

  • Compact design and low overall height

  • Low maintenance

  • Suitable for deep-freezing down to -30°C

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The DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE for high bay warehouses, makes pallet storage and retrieval even more efficient.

For Standardized Pallets


Maximum flexibility through the combined use of two DAMBACH SEMI SHUTTLES. Whether for storing half pallets or safely transporting damaged full pallets in the rack channel.

For Variable Load Carriers


Materials Handling

DAMBACH conveyor systems form the ideal interface with the high bay warehouse. Reliable and powerful material flows.

Materials Handling