MINI Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines: Small Loads and Great Heights

Automatic Small-Parts Storage and Retrieval Machines for Maximum Throughput

The MINI-LOAD series takes small-parts storage to previously unknown heights. Storage heights of up to 27 m can be reached without a drop in performance. Our units can work in automated small-parts warehouses handling containers or boxes equally well. The compact form of the MINI-LOAD results in especially low approach dimensions both horizontally and vertically. So DAMBACH rail-guided storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) for small parts storage make full use of the space available.


A very diverse range of load-handling equipment is available to suit the goods to be stored and the performance targets. Telescopic forks are adequate for single-deep storage, but combination telescopic forks or grabs are necessary for double-deep storage or to boost the performance of transfer operations on the apron. Our MINI-LOAD SRM can be adapted to customer requirements and loads. The integral lifting and lowering rope results in highly dynamic vertical transport. The good average acceleration during lifting and lowering ensures very fast cycle times. And the modular design allows extra drive units to be added at any time to increase performance even further. That means not only more power and hence better throughput, but also an installation geared to future needs.

Further optimization of well-developed systems calls for the addition of a customized control, which ensures not only the best possible efficiency, but also operational reliability. And DAMBACH energy recovery allows operating costs to be lowered even further.

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Latest Technology for Top Efficiency

Our 45 years of experience play their part in the design and manufacture of our MINI-LOAD rail-guided storage and retrieval machines for small-parts warehouses. Besides performance, we pay special attention to stability and robustness – and hence durability and the security of your investments. A steel construction optimised for weight is used throughout, which avoids troublesome interfaces. Different drive modules are available depending on performance requirements. These are easily interchangeable and so it is possible to upgrade the performance at a later date as well.

  • Compact design for great heights guarantees maximum space utilisation

  • Overall heights of up to 27 m

  • Rated loads of up to 300 kg

  • Good throughput rates

  • Modular drives

  • Single- or twin-mast versions

  • High availability

  • Push/pull grab enables double-deep storage

  • Small approach dimensions

  • Various load-handling solutions

  • Cold store compatibility down to –30°C

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Materials Handling

DAMBACH conveyor systems form the ideal interface with the high bay warehouse. Reliable and powerful material flows.

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