Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines

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The wide range of products guarantees you the necessary throughput with optimum space utilisation whether using aisle-bound or curve-going rail-guided storage and retrieval machines (SRMs). If required, subsequent performance upgrades are even possible with the models of the modular design – straight out of the box, so to speak. Such upgrades can be achieved by retrofitting additional drives, for example. Single-wheel, twin-wheel or a third drive unit plus toothed rack mechanisms are available. That results in graduated, application-based SRM upgrades.

The MONO and MULTI rail-guided storage and retrieval machines are available in single- and twin-mast versions. The choice of an optimum SRM depends on the unit loads and the requirements. Therefore, a bespoke solution is developed for every type of load. The variable design is particularly advantageous for heavy loads.

The DAMBACH MINI-LOAD reveals its strengths when it comes to the storage of goods in automated small-parts warehouses. Its low approach dimensions, speed and secure transport make this rail-guided storage and retrieval machine a convincing answer for the handling of small-parts containers, trays and boxes. With single- and twin-mast versions available, it therefore represents a reliable, flexible solution for every warehouse.

Rail-guided SRMs play a key role when it comes to efficiency and performance in high bay or small-parts warehouses. Therefore, in order to meet the highest demands, storage and retrieval machines must be reliable, long-lasting, fast, precise, safe and energy-efficient. But more than that, SRMs from DAMBACH are the convincing answer because of their flexibility right across virtually all storage systems. Together with load-handling equipment developed and produced by us, our rail-guided SRMs become the key element in automated storage and retrieval. Another benefit of the high-quality parts and components is their excellent ease of servicing. Our warehousing solutions are always 100% DAMBACH solutions, meaning that we can respond flexibly to complex or challenging demands.

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Excellent performance, minimum approach dimensions and able to handle any type of load ‒ those are the features of our MONO rail-guided storage and retrieval machines.

Aisle-Bound Stacker Cranes


Maximum availability and flexibility thanks to the use of curve-going rail-guided storage and retrieval machines.

Rail-Guided Stacker Cranes


Our rail-guided storage and retrieval machines for (heavy) small loads offer excellent performance ‒ and also at great heights. Durable product design for challenging applications in automated small-parts warehouses.

Stacker Cranes For Small Parts

Materials Handling

DAMBACH conveyor systems form the ideal interface with the high bay warehouse. Reliable and powerful material flows.

Materials Handling