Modernisation: Optimising Existing Warehouses and Plants

Flexible Responses to Suit Different Life Cycles

Even a warehouse system can become out of date. Or changing boundary conditions could make it necessary to modify or optimise a warehouse or add new functions. And the individual components of a warehouse system have different “lifetime expectancies”. Whereas the mechanical components might remain in use for 20 years or more, the efficiency of a control system could need upgrading after just 10 years or even earlier. In other words, some components in a warehouse age faster, thus constituting a risk and curbing progress.

DAMBACH has been established in the warehouse systems market for 40 years. The fact that the market is constantly changing and suppliers come and go is therefore irrelevant. Because our efficient modernisation concepts can also optimise installations when their manufacturers have gone out of business or no longer provide support for warehousing technology. This is where DAMBACH can exploit design and production synergies and offer convincing concepts for all modernisation projects.

Modular modernization concepts mean it is possible to respond quickly to increased demands—whether you need subsequent performance upgrades or the replacement of complete units. That means even existing warehouses can benefit from the very latest technology and the efficiency and innovation of DAMBACH products.

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Making Materials Flows Fit for the Future

Innovative ideas for modernisation

Existing facilities can also benefit from the expertise and experience of the experts at DAMBACH. A well-conceived modernisation concept can bring mechanical elements and controls up to the latest standard. Our range of services covers the complete materials-flow strategies of small and midsize high bay warehouses with apron and order-picking. So even with older facilities it is possible to benefit from state-of-the-art technology and innovative ideas – and hence increase the productivity of your warehouse.

  • Workshop for problem assessment
  • Analysis of the facility 
  • Preparation of an updating concept
  • General inspection with replacement and overhaul of critical components 
  • System modifications and conversions
  • Re-commissioning and test runs