Maintenance: Perfect Provisions, Perfect Precautions

Always on the Safe Side when it comes to
Reliability and Functionality

Whether order-picking stacker, rail-guided storage and retrieval machine, shuttle or roller lift table, all warehouse components are subjected to extreme loads in tough everyday operations. DAMBACH has specially formulated service and maintenance contracts that aim to achieve maximum functional reliability and maximum availability. As part of the contract, our service engineers carry out a full check of the installation at regular intervals. That enables weaknesses to be recognised in good time and wear parts to be replaced before it’s too late – to prevent further damage or expensive downtimes.

  • ISO-accredited customer services
  • System check for ensuring proper functioning and operational safety
  • Designation of wear parts and preventive replacement
  • Provision of service and diagnosis tools
  • Smaller repair jobs
  • Meaningful maintenance logs

“It’s good to know there are service and maintenance specialists on hand who are fully familiar with the
complete system.”