Being Aware of the Past Gives Us a Better Understanding
of the Way Forward

Building a good foundation. Knowing what customers want. Knowing our own strengths. Helping to shape the market. A look at the history of DAMBACH reveals precise knowledge of the market and the right decisions at the right times – for controlled, sustainable growth.


  • 1974  Founding of the DAMBACH Industrieanlagen; product range: rail-guided storage and retrieval machines
  • 1982  Concentration on warehouse technology and the building of he first curve-going rail-guided storage and retrieval machine (35 m high)
  • 1986  First large contract (30 rail-guided storage and retrieval machines)
  • 1998  First order from China
  • 2000  Company name changed from DAMBACH Industrieanlagen to DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2002  Expansion of the export market
  • 2006  DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG becomes an independent company
  • 2008  Opening of the new production plant in Bischweier
  • 2011  Compact Shuttle with power caps
  • 2012  Opening of DAMBACH Lagersysteme Inc. in Michigan, USA
  • 2013  Addition of pallet-handling technology to expand the product range
  • 2017  MULTIFLEX system with new CARRIER and inductive power transmission
  • 2018  New construction for the production expansion for pallet conveyor technology
  • 2019  Introduction of the Inductive Rail System MONOFLEX as a high-performance conveying system